Find Home Remodeling, General, & Subcontractors – Part 1

In order to follow my previous 5 tips, take a look at how to find the most trusted and reliable contractors for your renovations.

  • Word of mouth is the best way to find a good home remodeling Contractor.  Ask your friends, family and acquaintances for good references.  The best contractors do not advertise.  Their good work is their advertisement, and they can rely on a steady supply of referrals.
  • crane2Other sources for home remodeling Contractors: materials supply houses, home builder’s association directory (it may be worth joining your local association just for this).  Also, if you have a good Contractor in one trade, ask him if he knows of any good workers in another trade.  Often the good ones know each other.
  • I like to keep a running list of home remodeling Contractors who work in my neighborhood.  As I drive around, I note the phone numbers from trucks and signs.  I also note the address where the Contractor was seen
    working in case I want to ask that person how the Contractor performed for them.  (You can do reverse address telephone number searches on the internet.)
  • If you are working with or know a residential architect, ask him/her for a good referral.
  • Be sure to get multiple bids for each house renovation job.  Expect wide price variation.  Be wary of Contractors who may be “fishing” and hoping that they will find someone to fall for their exorbitant pricing.  These “fishing” Contractors already have more work than they can handle, but they’ll fit you in if you’re willing to pay their very high prices.

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