Find Home Remodeling, General, & Subcontractors – Part 2

  • During your initial visit with a Contractor, incentivize him/her with the hope for more work in the future.  Contractors prefer to establish relationships for repeat business, so if you plan to do more renovation in the future, by all means, let them know about it.
  • Be wary when encountering home remodeling Contractors who are not busy.  This may mean that they are inexperienced and are just starting their business.  Or, it could mean that they have a bad track record with little repeat business.
  • levelTake this advice with a grain of salt:  I am cautious when a home remodeling Contractor comes to give me a bid and is not dressed in work clothes.  This may mean that he/she is not hands-on and is more of a supervisor.  I would prefer to work with a hands-on Contractor who does at least some of the work himself.  At the very least, the Contractor needs to be ready to step in if there is an urgent situation to get some work done.
  • Be wary when you get a home remodeling estimate that is very much lower than the others.  This may mean that the Contractor is inexperienced and is trying to get started in the business or simply does not know how much things cost.  Or, in rare instances, it may indicate that the Contractor is in financial trouble and needs work/money fast.  (This has happened to me before.)  You get what you pay for, so do not necessarily jump for the lowest bid.

Contractors with ridiculously low prices reminds me of the old joke about not wanting to join any club that is dying to have me as a member!!

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