Find Home Remodeling, General, & Subcontractors – Part 3

  • Be wary of Contractors who tell you that they are a “jack-of-all-trades” and can do any kind of work.  This usually means that they are not very good at any one thing.  I prefer to work with an expert who specializes in one thing and does it very well.
  • tapeTake this advice with a grain of salt:  I am speaking very generally here from my own personal experience.  I am cautious when a Contractor shows up to give me a bid and is driving a brand new red pick-up truck!  I have been burned three times by Contractors who fit this description.  I am not sure what the correlation is, but from my experience, the brand new red pick-up truck seems to be the vehicle of choice for inexperienced Contractors just getting started.
  • If you suspect that a Contractor may be trouble or may be in trouble, ask that Contractor where he buys his materials.  Call that supplier to make sure that the Contractor has been paying his bills.
  • Except for very rare instances, I only hire Contractors who carry general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.  I ask the Contractor to provide me with a copy of his insurance certificate before the work starts. If there is any hesitation whatsoever from said contractors in question, it is best that you move on to your next choice because this is something that any reliable and honest contractor should be willing to hand over at a moment’s notice.

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