Be Your Own Contractor, Part 3

Q: Will you need any tools to be your own general contractor?

A: You will probably need is a 25′ tape measure to confirm the correct placement of 2×4’s, fixtures, etc.  Plus, as discussed in Dealing with Contractors, Part 2, you will need an expandable folder to organize each trade.

Q: What if you are afraid of making costly mistakes?

whiteA:  Let’s face it.  If you have never tried to be your own general contractor before, you will make mistakes.  However, you will also save a tremendous amount of money that you would have otherwise paid to another general contractor.  In my opinion, if you have the time and desire, it will usually be worth it to try to be your own general contractor.

When I first tried to be my own general contractor, I made a note in my notebook of every costly error that I made.  I wanted to learn from my mistakes, so the notebook was quickly filled with information.  That notebook became the basis of this website and the basis of my Emory University course.

Never be afraid to make mistakes and always remember that every single person out there trying to take on this sort of work has to start somewhere and you can only grow from mistakes. Never dwell and always look at the bright side.

By learning from my mistakes, you will already be way ahead of the game.


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